Pain Relief Through Expert Physiotherapy

Painful Joints Need Careful Assessment & Treatment

Physiotherapy That's Hands On

Restore Joint Range and Offload Pain

Taping As Part Of Rehabilitation

Muscle Re-education With Taping & Targeted Exercises

Osteopathy Treating Cause and Symptoms

Stiff Joints May Need Graded Manipulation

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy and Sports Massage

Podiatry Treating Feet Ankle and Lower Leg Problems

Alter your biomechanics to walk and run more comfortably

Private Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Specialists in Pain Relief & Rehabilitation

If you suffer from musculoskeletal related pain we can help.  If you have a sports injury and need rehabilitation, we can help. If you're struggling to fully recover from illness we can help.  We promise to find the cause of your problem and help you understand how "we can help you to help yourself".

Video analysis of how you move, which tissues are being compromised and a fully explained treatment programme ensures a successful outcome.

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which at all times works towards:-

  • promotion of pain relief 
  • maintenance or restoration of maximal physical, psychological and social well being.
  • complete functional mobility and ability
  • looking at movement and at all times maximising individual potential
  • being research driven looking at best evidence-based practice .

This clinic is wholly committed to reviewing that evidence applying that which can underpin and informs better clinical practice so you can be assured of a very positive experience and outcome whatever your referring problem .

If you read the bios of each of the Wirral Sports Medicine practitioners you will see that we have years of experience, expertise and are committed to perpetual Continuous Professional Development.  This provides excellent quality care programmes entirely focused to using "cutting edge" clinical reasoning and treatment techniques to relieve pain and provide a tailor-made rehabilitation programme. You will leave understanding what is the "root cause",

We believe in what we do and many satisfied clients confirm we consistently provide the very best in private physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation treatments.