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Not all clinics are as progressive as the Wirral Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Clinic so we are pleased to announce the results of data collected in association with Physio First and the University of Brighton. The clinic participated in 4 snapshot surveys and the following represents data collected by 182 physiotherapists in private practice between 2009 and 2011.

Initially 4 key "areas" were identified as being representative of conditions seen most frequently: low back pain, knee conditions, shoulder conditions and whiplash and the results have just been published.

Note of interest is that for most people physiotherapy has a very positive outcome even if not commenced immediately after insult/injury. Of those with low back, shoulder or knee pain 67% exceeded, fully or significantly achieved their goals whilst 77% of those with whiplash reported achieving their goals.  

Average pain scores dropped from 5 to 2 in those with low back or knee pain and 91% of those surveyed reported requiring 6 sessions or less.
For all conditions there was sufficient evidence to support a positive relationship between injury, start of treatment, outcome and fewer sessions required.

As the data collection tool was robust and therefore analysis valid thus providing reliable data regarding value for money. Based on waiting time for 1st appointment, number of sessions needed and satisfactory outcome made for very sound economic sense.

Further snapshots are to include "Over 60's" and "the Neck, other than Whiplash".

As soon as data available you will be privvy to the findings..............