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The major to the minor

Rehabilitation is a process that has an end objective of getting you functioning to the level you expect to be functioning at. This may be after an injury or following an operation.

Our multi-disciplined team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Injury Therapists help people just like you to recover to full function, irrespective of the event that requires you to seek rehabilitation help.

A multi-disciplined approach

Our clinic team is multi-disciplined, but your rehabilitation needs may exceed what we can provide. In these circumstances we will communicate and refer to other qualified practitioners who can play a part in helping you to fully recover. This may mean connecting you with a personal trainer or Occupational Health Advisors in relation to you place of work.

What you can be assured of is a total rehabilitation plan, with no gaps.


Keeping it safe for you

It's important that your rehabilitation progress is carefully monitored to detect any signs that you may be pushing too hard, which can have negative results. It's also important to assess if your progress is too slow.

Our aim is always to make sure you make progress safely, without risk of any further damage.

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