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BSc (HONS) Physiotherapy MCSP

Amelia is an experienced physiotherapist with over 10 years post graduate experience. She has a special interest and is especially skilled in the area of breast health offering a unique service to women recovering from breast cancer surgery and/or radiotherapy.

She graduated in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and since has worked across a variety of settings including the NHS, private healthcare and in occupational health. Amelia quickly developed a particular interest in pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, pelvic health and connective tissue therapy.

Her passion in this area led her to undertake further studies in breast cancer care studying most recently at The Christie Hospital in Manchester.

This diversity of interests led her to take on a combined Breast Cancer & Women’s Health physiotherapy role in 2018, within the NHS.    This is a role she is incredibly passionate about as she has experienced the challenges people often have with the after effects of breast cancer and its treatment.

She believes her specialist physiotherapy skills and care can play a key role in enabling those affected to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing whilst encouraging patients to restore control and self-confidence.  
She is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP).

Aside from her professional career Amelia is a local mother of two young children and enjoys keeping fit and setting herself personal challenges – this year it’s handstands!

Breast Health Physiotherapy

Breast Cancer and its treatments create a number of common problems and also specific ones related to each cancer group. Breast cancer surgery has very specific effects on the physicality of a patient which is why a Physiotherapist specialising in this area is crucial.……

Some of the symptoms physiotherapy can help with in this area include: -

  • Pain
  • Reduced movement in the shoulder
  • Stiffness or tight areas of the body following surgery and/or radiotherapy.
  • Stiff, tight or painful scars following surgery
  • Deconditioning or loss of muscle strength
  • Difficulties returning to function i.e. actives of daily living, hobbies, physical activity, sport or work
  • Soft tissue tightness in the armpit, known as cording and/or axillary web syndrome.

This service is suitable for patients who have had breast and/or axilla (armpit) surgery performed as part of their cancer treatment. This includes:- mastectomies, mammoplasty (lumpectomies), reconstructive surgery, axillary node clearance and sentinel lymph node biopsies.

Amelia offers individual personalised physiotherapy sessions in a private and calming environment. Treatments include myofascial and connective tissue release of cording or scarring in the axilla, breast, chest wall or involved donor sites (following reconstructive surgeries).  This is normally followed by an individualised stretching, range of movement and strengthening exercise programme for the shoulder, upper limb and on occasion the spine. These methods are aimed at restoring normal function, reducing maladaptive (abnormal) patterning and in doing so hopefully reducing levels of pain and discomfort.  

Please feel free to book online and please look for Wednesday mornings with Amelia.  
Any problems or if have any further questions