Pain Relief

You are in pain and cannot function.  "IT HURTS"........!! But what hurts?   

What does that really mean?

That is the real skill: being able to ascertain what is happening in the tissues and rectifying the problem.

It might be joint, muscle, ligament, neural or a combination of everything with a postural element thrown in for good meaure.



What ever the cause pain that is unending can really reduce one's quality of life and enjoyment.

Pain relief therefore must work to address all of the above and the therapists at the clinic pay particular attention to the cause of the problem, to ensure maximisation of offload to the damaged tissues and aim to restore normal bio-mechanics, bio-dynamics, functionality, mobility, ability independence and if appropriate, return to work, in the shortest possible time-frame.

It can frequently require our multi-disciplinary approach being led at different times by different practitioners requiring expertise, flexibility, and good lines of communication together with patient complaince. Working as a functional "whole" our superb external links with the GPs and Consultants also ensure maximisation of help , especially if ongoing opinion, prescriptive pain management or scans/x-rays are required.

Educational elements and self help/self management programmes also assist the process to ensure that there is full understanding. This assists in many ways as a thoroughly reasoned exercise/rehabilitation programme or correction of postural components ensures measured recovery.

Overall , all the practitioners will seek to find a way of interpreting the cause of the pain and not just treat the symptoms thereby reducing any frustration, confusion or loss of confidence in not gaining maximally or benefitting from a totally indivisualised approach to your care.

So how do we start?

  • We ask the questions that will give you the opportunity to explain "your pain"
  • We watch how you move overall
  • We feel how the painful area moves in relation to the rest of you
  • We palpate the "spot"
  • We interpret the findings and help you understand how all these fit together
  • We diagnose the cause
  • We create a treatment plan and ensure that you a part of that process
  • We progress the intercention according to your recovery and make sure you are happy, encourgaing you to ask questions about any aspect at all times.