Physiotherapy To Speed Rehabilitation"LET'S GET BACK TO NORMAL"


whether from single joint dysfunction or major life changing situations rehabilitation is the process of being advised how to :-

  • rebuild muscle function through a targetted regime
  • offload pain and provide the body/limb/muscle with the potential to heal and then slowly increase the load to withstand the normal everyday forces does need planned progression to ensure success
  • enable an individual to regain their own unique skills  thereby allowing continued participation in any chosen activity, sporting or otherwise as fast as possible.

All therapists at the clinic work within their own scope of practice and professional competency but as part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team are able to communicate and  refer appropriately to fellow professionals if required. This has the advantage of maximised progression and if liaison is required with

  • personal  trainers at a gym 
  • Occupational Health Advisor at work

                             then this is advocated and expedited too.

Rehabilitation Using The Right Equipment - TreadmillRehabilitation can sometimes take into account

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Aversion

Based on the fact that the therapists at the clinic have the skills and knowledge necessary to recognise and evaluate an individuals status at any one time we can determine the appropriate course of long -term management further enhancing both immediate outcome and reducing any potential for "injury".

This might involve

  • bio-psychosocial evaulation
  • incorporate a neuromusculoskeltal and physiological approach 
  • general health and lifestyle factors.

For the sporting elite, demanding high levels of performance, this same clinically reasoned approach underpins intervention.  The Wirral Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Clinic pays considerable attention to sports-specific regimes but fully understands that you can sprain an ankle coming down stairs just as easily as you can on the rugby field !  You might not want to run a marathon but you might want to run for the bus or run around with your children.

                                                                       REHABILITATION IS ALWAYS INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED