What is Physiotherapy?

How does it differ from other interventions in restoration of joint mobility thus enabling maximisation of functionality and ability and therefore independent living?

Why is private physiotherapy different from other sectors? Certainly at this clinic the difference is "hands -on" intervention, expertise in musculo-skeletal conditions and years of experience.

Osteopaths frequently manipulate and sports therapist/ masseuse soften and stretch the soft tissues surrounding the joint but physiotherapists have a different approach and are involved with a lot more of the structure, function and control of the joint.

In the private sector we see more acute conditions as a result of immediate access, when the use of highly specialist skills and knowledge can maximise treatment for the wide range of conditions that predominently affect the joints and surrounding soft tissues. eg. Sporting Injuries, everyday sprains and strains , the acute bad back, post -op. joint replcement  or post Road Traffic Accident (RTA) when particularly the neck and low back can be affected...colloquially known as "Whiplash".

All very painful but greatly assisted by early intervention. The list is endless.

Certain patients present with symptomology caused by poor posture or as a result ergonomics referred to as "repetitive strain injury" come under the guidance of a physiotherapist, working alongside an Occupational Health Advisor, thereby adhering to the Goverments agenda of "Fit note not Sick note". Jobs are very precious in this current economic climate so being able to  remain in work,or  return to work in the shortest possible time frame, is definitely a priority. 

Basically a physiotherapist has to have a superb working knowledge of functional anantomy and physiology, compounding shearing forces, postural alignment, core stability and how to assess for uncontrolled movement. Good listening skills are a must but also being a detective helps as it is frequently a matter of getting to the root cause, resolving that, and instigating rapid symptom resolution. This however is on top of the ability to commence, and then appropriately progress a custom-made rehabilitation programme, to regain range, power, strength , co-ordination , balance, proprioception and endurance.

Physiotherapy is a "caring profession" and underpins our approach at all times ensuring that the restoration of your health and well-being is our primary aim and objective.