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Happy Birthday to Us

  • Wirral Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinic

I feel compelled to say that it is a Centre of Excellence and focusses entirely on the needs of those attending to restore full fitness and quality of life in the shortest possible time frame.

We endeavour to ascertain cause, offload the area and therefore symptoms, improve ability, mobility and functionality and generally make sure that everything that needs to be addressed is thereby ensuring you get back to work, or the game of golf, or to anything at all that you enjoy and value.


Results of Snapshot Survey

Not all clinics are as progressive as the Wirral Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Clinic so we are pleased to announce the results of data collected in association with Physio First and the University of Brighton. The clinic participated in 4 snapshot surveys and the following represents data collected by 182 physiotherapists in private practice between 2009 and 2011.